The essential browser for fingerprint spoofing


AntiDetect is a software that lets you modify your computer’s fingerprint by spoofing settings like operating system, screen resolution, and timezone/region settings. By spoofing these settings, you can create unique individual fingerprints to bypass common fingerprint security mechanisms on popular websites

Other Features

AntiDetect is used only for spoofing fingerprints. Antidetect can be used to spoof fingerprints, but its larger function is being able to save and control an army of online fingerprint profiles. You can assign different fingerprint parameters to different online accounts and keep your fingerprint(s) consistent over time – which will prevent security systems from detecting mismatched fingerprints.

Using antidetect with SOCKS5 Proxies

Antidetect works perfectly in combination with a Socks5 proxy, allowing the user to both spoof their IP address and within a few clicks of a button spoof their system to match the country/city/timezone of their new IP address.

Ease of Use

Antidetect does all the hard work so you don’t have to, with one click of a button you can change how websites/fraud systems read your data, and fool their systems.Full Support