Preconfigured RDP with AntiDetect + Proxifier

Preconfigured RDP with AntiDetect + Proxifier




If you are having problems installing our software, look no further.

We will do all the hard work for you by providing an RDP, essentially a virtual computer you can use with Antidetect and Proxifier installed, simply run the software and away you go!

We will provide a video on how to run both AntiDetect and Proxifier together.

The RDP is valid for 3 months, so after this you will have to renew the service, additionally with our partner we will provide you with $5 worth of credit to purchase Socks5 proxies to use with Proxifier (All this will be explained in the video)

You can log into the RDP using a client such as Chrome Remote Desktop.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for how you use our software or the RDP, all videos and tutorials are for educational and for legal purposes only.

As with our software, support is available through Email and Wickr if you do encounter any problems.



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