Private Support Package

Private Support Package




The private support package includes 1 to 1 mentoring on how to use Antidetect browser and how to configure it. We will also provide all additional necessary software to change your IP address to any city in the world.

The primary use of our browser is to spoof your identity, our browser allows you to configure your computer however you want, additionally you will need to change your IP address to match that, the additional software includes a program to change your IP address, and a program to check Antidetect is setup correctly before browsing.

Please note that we do not condone or promote the use of AntiDetect for illegal activities. However, to prevent such activities it is paramount to know how to combat them.

As part of the support package you will be taught with one to one lessons, through Skype, Wickr, or a telephone conversation, you will need to install a program that allows us access to your computer so we can install the program and all it’s additional content and to run you through the steps on how to use the browser itself. (Unless you opt for the RDP option)

Perfect for companies or private individuals who want to know more about how easy it is to use stolen credit card information and the steps to take to prevent it, access accounts without triggering Two Factor Authentication.

Our software allows you to change your complete user agent identity all within the software itself.

The support package itself consists of 2 hours of support which allows us sufficient time to configure the browser, install all additional programs and answer any questions you may have, furthermore you will be given our personal eBook on how to use the browser in it’s entirety.

We can also setup Antidetect browser on an RDP for you, so you can simply login to a preconfigured online computer using software such as Chrome Remote Desktop – There is an additional cost of $15 for an RDP valid for a period of 3 months.


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